#850 SWS Seamless Walkway Coating – 850SWS

Water Based Protects Roof From Damage Due To Foot Traffic
Long Lasting – Provides Safer Walking Surface

Western Colloid’s #850 SWS Seamless Walkway System is a unique, water based acrylic roof coating designed to protect walking areas and paths on smooth roofing systems.

#850 SWS can be used on coated and fluid applied roof systems as well as approved single ply, modified bitumen and BUR roofing, (Consult manufacturer for recommended single ply membranes).

#850 SWS is formulated with extremely tough acrylic resins and binders, to form a long lasting walking surface on smooth and coated roofs. #850 SWS contains an aggregate to form a textured non-slip surface with very high abrasion resistance. When applied properly it will protect the roof surface from damage due to foot traffic. It will also provide a non-slip surface adding an extra level of safety for personnel walking on the roof surface. #850 SWS can be reinforced with polyester fabric to provide an even greater level of protection from puncture and equipment damage in areas of high abuse. #850 SWS allows the normal flow of water on the roof surface. It does not block or dam water like roof protection pads and sheets.

Available in Burnt Yellow and Gray.


  • Creates textured non-slip surface.
  • Superior roof protection against foot traffic.