#900 MTL + Bonding / Divorcing Primer-900

Water Based – Adheres To Difficult Surfaces – Good Corrosion Resistance

Western Colloid’s #900 MTL+ Bonding/Divorcing Primer is a very versatile water-based acrylic emulsion primer. This primer not only adheres to difficult metallic substrates including Kynar, but also gives good corrosion resistance over carbon steel. #900’s creative formulation makes it a very versatile water-based primer. This primer also has excellent adhesion over most single ply membranes, smooth and or granulated APP, SBS, Mopping Asphalt and Asphalt Emulsion surfaces. #900 can also be used to divorce asphalt products from reactive compounds, providing an excellent surface to bond to for coating and maintenance systems. #900 also aids in the adhesion of acrylic coating in ponding conditions.


  • Serves as a separation between asphalt products and reactive compounds.
  • Superior adhesion over most roofing surfaces.
  • Excellent adhesion to metallic and carbon steel surfaces.