#9000 Roof Wash & Prime – 9000

Removes Oxidation, Dirt, Grease And Contaminants
Apply On All Types Of Roof Surfaces – Ideal For Use On EPDM

Western Colloid’s #9000 Roof Wash & Prime is a low viscosity detergent intended for application to all types of roof surfaces prior to power washing. #9000 lifts dirt and grease from the surface of the roof. #9000 is formulated from surfactants and alkaline cleaning agents. #9000 also aids in the adhesion of acrylic coatings to oxidized surfaces. It is designed for use on asphalt, modified bitumen, metal an single ply roofs. (Including TPO, PVC, Hypalon and EPDM). Especially important to clean EPDM with #9000 prior to coating with ElastaHyde acrylic coating.


  • Formulated for cleaning dirt and grease from roof surfaces.
  • Ideal for removing oxidation and contaminants.
  • Specially formulated for cleaning EPDM prior to coating.
  • Use on most roof surfaces.