#8000 All Weather Elastic Cement-8000

Solvent Based – Good For Use On Dry, Wet Or Underwater Surfaces
Excellent Tensile Strength, Elongation And Flexibility
Provides A Tough, Durable Seal – Use On BUR, Metal and Single Plys

#8000 forms a tough, highly durable seal with a high degree of tensile strength, elongation and flexibility. It contains synthetic fibers giving it the strength and toughness to perform in all climates. It may be reinforced with polyester fabric to give additional strength and bridging ability. It has excellent sag resistance which allows it to be applied to vertical as well as horizontal surfaces.

#8000 has special additives which allow it to be applied to wet or underwater surfaces. #8000 is waterproof immediately upon application and can be used before or during wet weather.

Western Colloid’s #8000 All Weather Elastic Cement is a unique, solvent-based, white sealant manufactured from synthetic elastomers, resins and fibers. #8000 is designed for use on various roof membranes and surfaces, including asphalt BUR, modified bitumen, metal and single ply roofs. (Including EPDM, PVC, TPO and Hypalon). It is formulated with extremely tough elastomers, resins and binders, to form a long lasting seal that will outperform asphalt based sealants.


  • Roof repairs and drains.
  • Metal roofs and mobile homes
  • Sheet metal, gutters, BUR, modified bitumen, single ply membranes.