Architectural Details

Number Detail Description Download
Download: Details Book 2.17.2015
RM-BCF1 Counter Flashing
Counter Flashing Maintenance
Download: Counter Flashing Maintenance RM-CF1
RM-P1 Roof Jack
Roof Jack Flashing Maintenance
Download: Roof Jack Maintenance RM-P1
RM-TT1 T-Top Vent
T-Top Vent Flashing Maintenance
Download: T-Top Maintenance RM-TT1
RM-S1 Scupper
Scupper Maintenance
Download: Scupper Maintenance RM-S1
RM-DS1 Drain Sump
Drain Sump Maintenance
Download: Drain Sump Maintenance RM-D1
RM-D1 Roof Drain with Clamping Ring
Roof Drain With Clamping Ring Maintenance
Download: Roof Drain-Clamping Ring RM-D1
SD-RE3 Roof Edge - Gravel Stop
Roof Edge – Gravel Stop
Download: Roof Edge.Gravel Stop SD-RE3
SD-RE2 Roof Edge - No Metal Flashing
Roof Edge – No Metal Flashing
Download: Roof Edge-No Flashing SD-RE2
SD-RE1 Roof Edge - Drip Edge
Roof Edge – Drip Edge
Download: Roof Edge-Drip Edge SD-RE1
SD-SBF1 System Base Flashing
System Base Flashing
Download: System Base Flashing Detail SD-SBF1
SD-TB1 System Termination - Termination Bar
System Termination – Termination Bar
Download: System Termination @ Wall-Term Bar
SD-BCF1 System Termination At Wall
System Termination At Wall
Download: System Termination @ Wall SD-BCF1
SD-SUP3 Wood Block Supports
Wood Block Supports
Download: Wood Block Supports SD-SUP3
SD-SUP2 Equipment Sleepers - Immovable
Equipment Sleepers – Immovable
Download: Equipment Sleepers.Immovable.Encapsolate
SD-SUP1 Equipment Sleepers - New/Removable
Equipment Sleepers – New/Removable
Download: Equipment Sleepers New.Removable
SD-PP1 Pitch Pan
Pitch Pan Detail
Download: Pitch Pan Detail SD-PP1
SD-P2 Multiple Pipe Enclosure
Multiple Pipe Enclosure
Download: Multiple Pipe Enclosure SD-P2
SD-P1 Roof Jack
Roof Jack Flashing
Download: Roof Jack Flashing SD-P1
SD-TT1 T-Top Vent Flashing
T-Top Vent Flashing
Download: T-Top Vent Flashing SD-TT1
SD-D1 Roof Drain
Roof Drain Clamping Ring
Download: Roof Drain-Clamping Ring SD-D1
DP-5CRS-1 Detailing Procedures
Five Course Detail Application

Detail showing 5-Course Polyester and #800 Elastic Cement

Download: 5-Course-DP-5CRS
SD-D3 Scupper
Scupper Detail
Download: Scupper SD-D3
DP-3CRS-1 Detailing Procedures
Three Course Detail Application

Detail showing 3-Course Polyester and #800 Elastic Cement

Download: 3-Course DP-3CRS-1