Fluid Applied Roofing and Coating Systems


Project Profiles

Frito-Lay Corporate Headquarters

Original roof assembly: concrete deck, 2-1/2 inches rigid insulation, coal-tar and gravel, and BUR and gravel roof assemblies.

Existing roof assembly approximately 32 years in age. Experiencing base flashing problems and splitting of the field membrane causing water infiltration into the corporate headquarters building which houses 3,800 employees.

Originally, Frito-Lay wanted to completely remove the existing gravel coal-tar & BUR roof assemblies and install an energy efficient TPO roof assembly. The disruption to the building occupants, grounds and controlling of dust and debris from entering the beautiful lake, which goes underneath the facility along with the cost of 2 million dollars made this prohibitive. READ MORE


Emulsion and Elastomeric Roof Coatings Systems Emerging as Owners’ and Architects’ Preferred Choice

Western Colloid is a pioneer and innovator of asphalt emulsion-based roof systems that are eco-friendly and can be applied over many existing roofs.

Roof coatings have been thought of for many years as temporary fixes, or a way to squeeze a few more years out of an aging roof system. Western Colloid has challenged that perception by creating an asphalt emulsion based system that is rapidly becoming the roof system of choice for owners, specifiers and architects.


Western Colloid is proud to announce the opening of our new manufacturing plant in Alvarado Texas!