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Pacific Dental Service Building

Pacific Dental Service Building

Location: Irvine, California
Size: 124,000 square feet
Roofing Contractor: 124,000 square feet

Pacific Dental Services Building Contractor: Commercial Roof Management Job location: Irvine, California Original roof assembly: EPDM, age unknown. The roof surface was pin holing throughout and had over 100 roof leaks in 124,000 square feet, (1,240 squares). Selection of Western Colloid: Originally the building owners thought that their only option was to tear off the […]

TPO Roofs for Boeing


Location: Long Beach, CA
Size: Over 1 million sq. ft.

Over 1 million sq. ft. roof receives Western Colloid’s “Cool Roof” system. The unique bulk delivery service and the systems application efficiency made this roof a natural for Western Colloid’s “Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofing” system.

Western Colloid’s ‘Cool Roof’ System on Ikea


Location: Burbank, CA

Ikea installs Western Colloid’s “Cool Roof” system to protect it’s contents and save on energy bills.

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