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For over 50 years Western Colloid has been helping contractors build their businesses using superior roof coating systems.

What can you and your team expect from the Western Colloid training program?

A personalized experience.

The experts at Western Colloid work hand in hand with each contractor to determine the best method for training their crews.

Here’s a quick look:

  • Experience on-site training at our Alvarado, Texas manufacturing plant. This is an overview of the company products and programs with some live product demonstrations and “How It’s Made” plant tour.
  • Train members of your team on a worksite for a few days. This is an in-depth experience allowing your team to take turns rolling, spraying, cutting, detailing, etc. (This commonly leads to a 30-50% increase in your team’s production!)
  • Perform a live virtual walk-through with contractors on the job via platforms like Zoom or Facetime or provide feedback to photos of areas-in-question, outlining exactly how the project should be addressed. These options are great for smaller projects in remote areas.
  • In addition, we have a Mentor Program for newer contractors to guide them through the process.  From job-site best practices, bidding, to specification, to contract, they will help make you and your crew experts!

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