PROJECT PROFILE – Cypress Office Building

Original Substrate: BUR with Gravel As time marches on for our 50-year-old company, Western Colloid is now involved in roof ‘reconditioning’ projects more and more.  A great example is our featured project below. In 2009 Bligh Pacific Roofing in Southern California was tasked with reroofing a gravel roof on a 2-story office building. There was […]

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PROJECT PROFILE – Phillips Building

Original Substrate – Two layers BUR Every once in a while, you want to feature a project just because it’s so pretty.  We are assuming that by reading this project profile that you are a roofing professional that wants to be inspired by challenges and solutions.  Sometimes it’s nice just to celebrate good work for […]

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Original roof assembly: BUR Cap sheet, SPF with unknown coating. Project Challenges This historic building was originally built in the 1920s with multiple additions to it throughout the years, each with different elevations and roof compositions.  There was as much as 30 foot difference in height with old brick wall construction in between the flat, […]

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PROJECT PROFILE – Crumley Residence

PROJECT PROFILE The Crumley Residence was built in the mid-century modern style in 1951.  It was designed by the prestigious Corpus Christi architectural firm Wisznia. The design of the home is so unique it’s treated as an iconic and historic home for the area. The roof area is over 100 squares on a single-story residence. […]

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PROJECT PROFILE – Alhambra Police Department

Original Assembly: Rock/Gravel Roof over BUR This Southern California Police station came with its own set of challenges. This project was a Western Colloid specified roof using our GR-2P-24-XE Specification, but the most challenging aspect was the bidding process in the middle of the covid restrictions.  Our Training and Technical Consultant, Tim Ford, conducted the […]

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