PROJECT PROFILE – Vista Village Shopping Center

This project is a terrific example of adaptability.  This area known as Vista Village is home to shops, restaurants, and businesses and it consists of many buildings, each with different roof substrates.  It is also open 365 days a year so roofing and shopping had to happen simultaneously. Although the work was scheduled for 3 […]

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Project Profile – Southeast Regional Library Gilbert, Arizona

Original roof assembly: Aluminum Clad Modified SBS Roof System  Duration: 3 weeks This Arizona library had an uncommon dilemma with its new roof project, an uncommon roof substrate. It had an aluminum clad modified SBS membrane that had past its prime. The contractor, Star Roofing’s, objective was to install a roof system that did not […]

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Aluminum clad modified

PROJECT PROFILE – Denver High Rise

This 10-story building, originally built in 1962, was being transformed to artist lofts, apartments, and roof top lounge. With its multiple substrates, multiple roof elevations, and multiple change orders, this job was a real challenge and a complete work in process, literally. It was necessary to create different roof system specifications for different areas of […]

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PROJECT PROFILE – Cornerstone Baptist Church

This Texas church had a big problem.  It had a failing metal roof with a custom color, an insurance claim with time constraints, and it was in the middle of covid. The costly process of replacing the panels was not possible due to the covid supply chain issues.  But the most important challenge to overcome […]

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custom color

PROJECT PROFILE – Cypress Office Building

Original Substrate: BUR with Gravel As time marches on for our 50-year-old company, Western Colloid is now involved in roof ‘reconditioning’ projects more and more.  A great example is our featured project below. In 2009 Bligh Pacific Roofing in Southern California was tasked with reroofing a gravel roof on a 2-story office building. There was […]

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