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“We own a number of industrial buildings and we have changed over to using Western Colloid products for new roof membranes.  The first time we used the Fluid Applied Reinforced Roof System was in 2015 on a building that was scheduled to be an electronic assembly facility, so you can imagine the importance of having a leak free roof.  Since the installation, there have been a number of torrential downpours and the roof has always performed beautifully.  In addition, Western Colloid stands behinds their products with a warranty and by providing additional services such as preparing job specifications and providing a list of qualified roofing subcontractors.” – Philip T, National City, CA


“We recently completed the Stone Tower office building in Dallas Texas with your Western Colloid re-enforced liquid roofing system and would like to thank you and the Western Colloid Team, for a very successful project.” – Harold Stephens, President BEAM Professionals

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“The Glas-shield Roof system has preserved the life of hundreds of millions of square feet of roofs up and down the western states. There is no better cost effective answer to restoring a roof than this system. It is a 50 year old method most roofers do not understand.”
SHANE from Oklahoma City


“These roofs can last a very long time. My oldest Chopped glass emulstion roof is 27 years old and still going strong. No better reroofing value on the market, period!
TIM from Arlington, Texas


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