1-Ply System Install

Installation steps involved with the Western Colloid Fluid Applied Reinforced Roof System. This is a FM 4470 Class 1 approved system for recovering existing BUR, Mod Bit, Single Ply, Foam, Gravel, etc.

Spray Pump Hook Up & Flushing Instructions

Instructional video on how to hook up & flush a spray pump.

Recoating A Foam Roof

Video discussing the process of installing a 2-ply emulsion, polyester and Elastahyde coating over a foam roof

Addressing details with 800W Elastic Cement

Showing details for repairing Coping, Drains, Penetrations and Misc. Repairs

5-Course Drain Ring Repair Video

How to repair a drain with polyester fabric and 800W elastic cement in 5 courses.

Before, During and After at the Same Time

Great Video showing a Before, During, and After FARR System installation all at one time!  Video courtesy of Adams Roof Tech on this Odessa, Texas shopping center.