#730 TPB ElastaHyde – 730

Water Based – Specially Formulated For Base Coat Over TPO – Excellent Adhesion
**See #930 TPO Primer. #930 is Recommended for Superior Adhesion to TPO

Western Colloid’s #730 TPB ElastaHyde Base Coat is a 100% acrylic, premium quality, highly durable, elastomeric coating designed for use as a base coat over TPO and other single ply membranes. It is formulated with a unique premium acrylic resin that is designed to improve the adhesion of the coating system to the membrane. #730 TPB ElastaHyde is designed to be used as the base coat for #720 or #790 ElastaHyde over existing, weathered TPO and other single ply membranes. #730 TPB ElastaHyde also has excellent adhesion to other difficult surfaces such as new spray polyurethane foam and galvanized metal.




  • Specially formulated for base coating over TPO Membrane.
  • Excellent adhesion to other surfaces such as new SPF and galvanized metal.