#790 AFC ElastaHyde – 790

Water Based – Formulated For Use Over EPDM Surface
Recommended For Use In Cold Regions – Excellent For Use On New Uncoated SPF Systems

When cured #790 AFC ElastaHyde forms an extremely tough, flexible film that can withstand the most rigorous weather conditions. #790 AFC ElastaHyde is designed as a surface coating for EPDM Membranes, Sprayed Polyurethane Foam, Western Colloid “Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofing” membranes and Western Colloid metal roof systems. #790 AFC ElastaHyde is also recommended for use on conventional and modified built-up roofs and single ply membrane roofs. #790 AFC ElastaHyde can be reinforced with polyester fabric to form a complete Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofing system that meets UL Class A, Factory Mutual Class 1 and ICC-ES.

Western Colloid’s #790 AFC ElastaHyde is a 100% acrylic, premium quality, high durability, elastomeric coating which has been developed to protect sprayed polyurethane foam and various roof surfaces. ElastaHyde #790 AFC is a 100% acrylic, premium grade, white elastomeric reflective coating. It Meets and exceeds ASTM D6083-97a for 100% acrylic roof coating. It is an excellent coating for use on new, uncoated Sprayed Polyurethane Foam. It is also used on Single Ply Membranes, Built-Up, Modified Bitumen and Metal roofs. ElastaHyde is manufactured from premium resins, pigments and components producing an acrylic coating of the highest quality. ElastaHyde is a durable coating that will resist rigorous weather conditions while protecting roof surfaces and contributing to substantial energy savings. ElastaHyde #790 AFC will reflect over 84% of suns rays in white. Western Colloid has determined that ElastaHyde #790 ARC meets the ENERGY STAR © guidelines for energy efficiency (white only). It meets the requirements of a “Cool Roof” and is listed by the Cool Roof Rating Council as required by California Title 24.
Standard and custom colors are available.

ALSO AVAILABLE in #790 QS – Quick Set Formulation.  This special formulation aids in the application of ElastaHyde when damp, wet or rainy weather is expected before the ElastaHyde has proper time to completely dry.


  • White elastomeric reflective coating and membrane (when reinforced).
  • Top coat for new spray polyurethane foam and roof coating.
  • Great for use over EPDM.
  • Formulated for use in cold weather.


#790QS ElastaHyde Quick Set
QS - #790 is available in a Quick Set formulation "ElastaHyde #790QS". It is designed to set-up faster, making it more resistant to wash-offs due to rain. See Product List for Technical Data Sheet.
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