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Commercial Roof Warranties – All the Things to Think About

Use this as your guide to keeping your roof warranty protected.

When you selected your commercial roofing system, you likely chose one with a solid warranty. Having a warranty covers your roof for many things, such as defects or premature aging. But have you thought about what could potentially void your warranty?

Here are five things that could void your warranty:

  1. Not properly cleaning or maintaining your roof
  2. Not keeping track of any inspections.
  3. Not using a contractor that is approved by the roof system manufacturer.
  4. Not using an approved contractor to add equipment.
  5. Not fixing damages caused by ponding water.

If you do want to install solar or other additional equipment onto your roof, you must use an approved contractor for the job. This is because adding equipment can require new roof penetrations and an approved contractor must properly seal and repair the roof according to the manufacturer’s instructions. From there, the manufacturer will likely adjust your warranty accordingly depending on the terms.

It’s also important to note that most warranties have ponding water exclusions. Make sure to read all the fine print, as many warranties don’t cover standing water damage past 48 hours. This is also a good reason to perform regular inspections, especially after heavy rainfall!

While the five potential things that void your warranty are important to know, there is a lot more to consider with your commercial roof warranty. For instance, we recommend that you look at your roof warranty the same way you would an insurance policy. This includes following maintenance guidelines, using approved contractors and understanding the claim filing processes. If in the future you do need to file a claim, it’s nice to have read the terms and conditions of the warranty beforehand so you know exactly what is covered.

Another thing to know about your warranty is what is included or excluded in it. Most roof warranties cover normal wear and tear, like loss of color or UV damage. But did you also know that severe weather events, like hurricanes or tornadoes are typically not covered in warranties?

Another thing to keep in mind is the different components of your coverage. How long is your coverage? If you need to have a roof repair done, does your warranty cover material and labor or just materials? Often times your contractor will offer a two-year warranty for labor, but it’s good to double check. It’s also good to know if your warranty is full coverage with no dollar limit or limited, in which case the cost of repairs needed will be prorated.

What if you do have to make a claim?

If you do end up having to make a warranty claim, the first thing to do is get all your paperwork in order. This includes inspection reports, warranty details and maintenance agreements. Having every document you could need will help expedite the process and get your roof fixed faster. Once you have all this, then follow the steps for filing a claim listed in your warranty.

What happens if my original contractor is no longer around?

If the contractor that installed your roof is unable to repair it, it’s best to contact the manufacturer who issued your warranty. They can help you find another contractor to help you make repairs to your roof. So long as they are certified and approved by the manufacturer, you should be in the clear.

Is my roof warranty transferable or renewable?

Sometimes you might be getting your new roof installed as a valuable selling point for your building. If this is the case, it is possible to have the warranty transferred to the new building owner. Again, we encourage you to check with the manufacturer before getting the roof installed.

Many building owners don’t look at the fine print of the warranty until after the roof has been installed. We recommend you see exactly what all the warranty covers before the installation. This could turn up any exclusions or fees and you can also see if the warranty is renewable. Reading up on your warranty beforehand could save you thousands.

Western Colloid warranties

If you aren’t sure which commercial roof system and warranty is right for you, then consider Western Colloid for your next project. We’re proud of the warranties we offer, as they are some of the finest in the industry.

We stand behind our products and specifications and that’s why we’re proud to offer both standard and materials and labor warranties on our products. We offer 5-, 10-, 15- and 20-year warranties, but do keep in mind that our warranties require pre-approval. This is because we want to make sure in advance that you’re getting a warrantable system!

During the pre-approval process we take into consideration your roof condition, existing substrate and short- or long-term goals for your property and your budget. Also please note that these warranty periods may vary due to existing roof condition, slope and specific project requirements. And the issuance of a warranty is subject to contractor eligibility, proper submission of warranty form and conditions stated in the warranty.

Check out the terms of our warranty options today!