Greg Hlavaty, along with Hal Leland, discuss the importance of a roof maintenance program. This article is derived from a podcast of the same name.  By reformatting this as an article you could miss the fun of the conversation.  Please read and enjoy in its original conversational form. GH – Well, first I’m going to […]

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Meet the Team – Glenn Thurston

Western Colloid is proud to have such a dedicated team. Our customer support is legendary, and our team fits beautifully with our company culture. We think of ourselves as a roofing manufacturer with the soul of a contractor. These are the people that take our great products and become valued partners with our customers. We […]

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Commercial Roof Warranties – All the Things to Think About

Use this as your guide to keeping your roof warranty protected. When you selected your commercial roofing system, you likely chose one with a solid warranty. Having a warranty covers your roof for many things, such as defects or premature aging. But have you thought about what could potentially void your warranty? Here are five […]

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4 Tips for Choosing the Best Roofing Manufacturer

Looking for the best roofing manufacturer to meet your needs? There is a lot to consider! Whether you’re a contractor, property manager, or building owner, here are our top four things to look for when you have commercial roofing needs. 1. Look at Past Experience There’s something to be said for a company that has […]

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Does Your Roofing Manufacturer Really Understand Your Needs?

Not all roofing materials brands are created equal, but odds are good if you ask a building owner which roofing manufacturer their contractor used for their last job, they’re going to shrug and say something like, “I don’t know. It’s a roof.” A new roof is a big investment, and while many building owners will […]

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What You Need to Know: Infection Control Procedures During Construction Projects

Source It probably seems obvious that hospitals have infection control procedures for their day-to-day operations, but did you know there are procedures specific to construction projects? Whether you’re working in a hospital’s interior on a renovation or on the exterior for a hospital roofing project, any project needs careful planning and communication to help protect […]

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Construction Projects Infection Control Procedures

LEED vs. Passive House vs. Net-Zero for Commercial Buildings

Source It’s been a challenging year for commercial real estate. With traditional office workplaces changing and tenants struggling to pay their rent, owners and operators of commercial buildings will be facing an increasingly competitive market. As they seek to find stable tenants, these buildings will need to make their value proposition clear. One of the […]

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Passive House Net-Zero LEED

Monthly Maintenance Checks to Perform on Healthcare Buildings

Now more than ever, healthcare workers need to know the hospitals and long-term care facilities they work in are in good shape. With emergency rooms and intensive care units at capacity in most states, nothing could be more disruptive than relocating sick patients to deal with urgent building repair. Proactive inspections — including commercial roof maintenance checks — should be part of any conscientious building manager’s operations. As the U.S. continues to fight against COVID-19 outbreaks, these checks are especially necessary for healthcare buildings. 

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Healthcare Buildings Maintenance Checks

Install a Roof Coating to Get More Return on Your Commercial Building

In the current economic climate, it’s likely that we’re going to see a lot of shifts in the commercial real estate market in the upcoming year. As portfolios consolidate and others expand, a lot of properties will be changing hands. If you’re looking at selling a commercial building, you want to know you’re going to get the best return for your investment.

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How to Preserve, Repair or Restore Your TPO Roofing System

The business of owning and managing commercial real estate is an expensive one. Buildings are exposed to continuous weather wear and tear, with building envelope systems both slowly degrading over time and potentially experiencing severe damage in extreme weather. Owners not only need to budget appropriately for ongoing preventative maintenance and repair, but they also […]

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Never Worry About Replacing Roof

Choosing the Best Roof Repair System for Hospitals and Assisted Living

Healthcare is on the front page of every newspaper and media website these days — and with good reason. While we’re all worried about the frontline workers and making sure they have the supplies they need to do their jobs effectively, hospitals and assisted living facility administrators also need to make sure their building is […]

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The Solar Retrofitting Solution You Need

Source Over the last twenty years, solar panel technology has improved significantly and become more cost-effective. Coupled with rising energy costs, green energy incentives and an increasing number of municipal ordinances, many building owners and operators have performed solar retrofitting on their facility, with great success. Out of Sync Modern solar panels are designed to […]

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Solar Retrofitting Solutions

What is a Colloid?

Colloid Definition: A type of homogeneous mixture in which the dispersed particles do not settle out. Examples of colloids include: butter, milk, smoke, fog, ink, paint, ElastaHyde. Ever wonder how Western Colloid got its name?  It was named after the pride of manufacturing a truly superior product.  The actual Colloid process that was used by […]

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