PROJECT PROFILE – 600 W. Broadway, San Diego

This is such a special project in so many ways.  First, of all it’s a roof at street level.  Second, it looks so interesting.

What do you do with a roof that downtown San Diego Street traffic sees?  You do your best to make it aesthetically pleasing.  This 6000 square foot roof is on the attached parking structure to One America Plaza, the iconic 34-story skyscraper in San Diego. In the lobby of this grand building is a pattern on the floor similar to the one created on the roof.

Years ago, the building’s owner managed to create a design with different colored gravel to mimic a checkerboard which has been in place for many years. When the time came to restore the roof, they faced the expense and logistics to remove the entire roof and then somehow have special materials made to re-create the design.

The building’s owner, Irvine Company, along with the roofing contractor, Tecta America, came to Western Colloid as a solution. We not only had the specifications required to restore the existing gravel roof to a cool roof, we happen to manufacture a special walkway coating in gray. In this case our team created a special custom gray color to satisfy the owners.

Besides saving the building owners the expense of a complete tear-off, which adds waste to landfills, we were able to offer a “greener” option for their new roof.  Our products reduce maintenance costs, reduce the ‘heat island” effect common in large cities, while increasing the life cycle of the roof.

This new roof is in compliance with California Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards and USGBC LEED Requirements along with FM 4470 Class 1 approval, UL Class A ratings and ICC-ES evaluation.

We are proud to be a solution for this iconic project and help provide a roof that is renewable for years to come.

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