PROJECT PROFILE – Pacific Design Center

Something about Rocks and Glass Houses and a Worn Out Roof.

Project Challenges – With the all-glass construction of the Pacific Design Center combined with lack of access, not to mention the additional cost and danger of tearing off a coal tar pitch substrate, this job needed all the experts.

With all the gravel roofs nationwide, the challenge constantly arises of re-roofing. Instead of the expensive remove and replace option, Western Colloid had a way to restore this gravel roof.  This specification, a full three ply, over-gravel system, was the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

For over 50 years Western Colloid has been successfully restoring gravel roofs, and that’s because we make an Asphalt Emulsion to fill in the voids around the gravel that could not be removed.

The ability of Western Colloid’s Asphalt Emulsion to not only act as an outstanding waterproofing agent but to inexpensively provide a level substrate for the installation of our Fluid Applied Reinforced Roof system is unmatched.  When properly maintained this will be the last roof system Pacific Design Center has to install.

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