PROJECT PROFILE – Youth Detention Center


Original roof assembly: Multiple systems; BUR Cap Sheet, EPDM & Modified Bitumen.

A great story about weather, high altitude, multiple substrates, and the perfect problem solving solution.

Project Challenges

This New Mexico project had multiple roof elevations with leaking roofs that had little roof life remaining. With time constraints, the project was started in September 2022, but stopped ¾ of the way through due to weather. The remaining ¼ of the job was completed in the spring of 2023. Even though the roof assembly was not complete when the project was halted it made it through the harsh Santa Fe winter with no leaks. Upon returning to the project the roof areas were cleaned of dirt and debris and then completed with no problems.


As this project had multiple roof substrates it required a roof system that could unify the roof sections under one roof system, one warranty.  The substrates went from BUR, Gravel, Cap, Modified, and EPDM.  Western Colloid could offer specifications to restore all the substrates even provide a specification for a section of substrate that had to be completely torn off.  Western Colloid provided products that had to stand up to high elevation, hail, snow, extreme climate and remained durable.

The City of Santa Fe was very happy with the job. They also received a Western Colloid 20-year warranty which was a huge benefit to them.

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