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Case Study: Frito-Lay commercial roof in Texas

When the Frito-Lay corporate headquarters needed a new commercial roof in Texas we were more than happy to help! Read on to see what services we provided this global company.

Problems of Original Roof

To begin, the company’s original roof was about 32 years old. It was a concrete deck with 2.5 inches of rigid insulation, coal-tar and gravel. It had BUR and gravel roof assemblies. Furthermore, they were experiencing base flashing problems and splitting of the field membrane. This caused unwanted water leaks.
Originally, Frito-Lay wanted to get rid of the gravel coal-tar and BUR roof assemblies and install an energy-efficient TPO roof. However, this would have been a big disruption to employees. And it would have been hard to control dust and debris from entering the nearby lake. Not to mention the $2 million dollar price tag was a lot to spend!

The Solution

For this commercial roof in Texas we presented a custom plan that would get rid of the existing roof assemblies. Not to mention it would save Frito-Lay over $1 million dollars! The roof was surfaced with our ElastaHyde acrylic coating. Next, it was reinforced with an additional layer of polyester fabric. Finally, our SWS850 Seamless Walkway Coating was applied.



The contractor did a great job! Especially considering that the roof drains emptied directly into the lake.

All in all, our system gave Frito-Lay the reflective, energy-saving roof they wanted. Not to mention it provided them with even more savings in the form of tax benefits.


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