Overnight Sensation or Roofing Pioneer?

The longevity and resilience of our products prove that the technology delivers superior performance.

Let’s face it, this industry is slow to adopt. What we have been manufacturing and promoting for 45 years is now on the forefront of new technology.  We feel like the actor that has been pounding the pavement for many years that is now the overnight sensation.

It’s taken companies like Western Colloid to make products for over four decades to show proof that fluid-applied, reinforced roof systems make a terrific watertight roof.  It’s because of our longevity and the resilience of our roofing products that contractors and building owners are feeling the confidence to consider a new way of roof protection.  I guess that makes Western Colloid a pioneer and an overnight sensation.

We’ve always joked that Western Colloid was “Cool” before “cool roofing” was “cool!”

There are really very few “cons” to coatings, aside from weather concerns that really can be a problem for any roof installation. Those concerns that contractors had about surprise rain and dampness are alleviated with our new Quick Set Technology.

So, what do coatings do?  They provide a terrific roof system where everyone is a winner. Contractor, Building Owner, General, Tenant and Mother Nature.

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Come be a Pioneer with us.