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Western Colloid Announces New Product – ElastaHyde QS

By Greg Hlavaty, President Western Colloid.

ElastaHyde QS – Quick Set formulation aids in the application of fluid applied roof systems when met with unexpected damp, wet or rainy weather.

Although fluid applied roof systems have been enjoying immense popularity in the past few years there are still conditions that make installation a challenge, namely wet weather.  Although no one ever plans to install a roof in the rain, it happens when weather catches crews and projects off guard.  Timelines for completion, labor constraints and drying in jobs can all play a part in needing a product that can deliver in high levels of humidity and moisture as well as in colder temperatures.

Western Colloid is proud of ongoing research and development that has allowed us to bring ElastaHyde QS – Quick Set Formulation to market.   ElastaHyde 720 and 790 are available in a “Quick Set” formulation which aids in the application of ElastaHyde when damp, wet or rainy weather is expected.  The formulation allows ElastaHyde to dry quickly when weather approaches.   ElastaHyde QS will set up rapidly, within 15-20 minutes, and resist moisture in the form of dew, fog or even heavy rain. Once set up, it will not wash off or dilute. By quick setting the product it becomes very firm and stable, but it still needs to completely dry and must be allowed to cure as normal.

With the pressure of backlogs and labor shortages, Western Colloid is committed to providing labor and time saving solutions that still deliver the level of excellence roofing contractors require.  Through strong relationships with WC contractors, we continue to develop the products that are needed on the job everyday.


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