PROJECT PROFILE – Mission Tortilla

When the warranty was about to expire on this 10-year-old Western Colloid roof restoration the next steps were clear, let’s give it another 10 years.  In fact, the roof was able to quality for an additional 15-year warranty.  Why?  This building owner did everything right in performing regular roof maintenance and planning for this expenditure.

This roof is a great example of being able to restore a roof indefinitely.  It also is a great example of being able to recondition this roof with minimal equipment, mops and brushes using Western Colloid products in buckets.

As this is a food grade manufacturing plant any roof installations and repairs need to be made with no hazardous chemicals or fumes, and no disturbance to the occupants.

A challenge for this job was the preparation for installation.  It is important to wash a roof (when possible), before applying any product.  The challenge was to reclaim the water that was used.  It is illegal in this area for that water to end up on the street or storm drains.  With some creative thinking all the grey water was transferred to totes on the ground below and safely discarded.

As the original contractor was unavailable the building owners brought in their own contractor from out of state.  Western Colloid was happy to help get this contractor up to speed on the products and installation tips and introduce a new contractor to Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofing.

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