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commercial roof in california

Case Study: Commercial Roof in California

When Pacific Dental Services was looking to repair their commercial roof in California, we had just the solution.


commercial roof in california

Pacific Dental Building with existing EPDM roof and buckling wall sheets.

The Problem

Located in Irvine, California, Pacific Dental Services found themselves with over 100 leaks in their 124,000 square foot roof. In fact, the building owners thought that their only option was to tear off the existing EPDM (a synthetic rubber roofing membrane) and replace it with a similar product.


The Solution

First, the owners hired a contractor to handle the repairs to their commercial roof in California. It was this contractor who suggested using our Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofing (FARR) as a solution. In fact, we offer systems that are fully tested and approved by FM for installations like this one.


Western Colloid #800 Elastic Cement


To begin, the contractor used a temporary fix to stop the leaks with our #800 Elastic Cement and polyester reinforcement products. 


Reinforcing waterways and drains.


Next, they continued with this extra layer of protection in the waterways and drains.


Top Coat of Elastahyde, including now repaired walls, creating a seamless surface.


Finally, they used our #298 asphalt emulsion with polyester reinforcement.  Once cured, the system was surfaced with our ElastaHyde acrylic coating.


Completed, warrantied job.

The Results

Thanks to our superior products, we were able to save 30 – 40% on the overall project costs by not removing the old roof and saving man-hours on the installation. Additionally, future savings will be enjoyed with their now energy-efficient white roof. They also avoided disruption to their employees from a lengthy roof removal and re-installation process. Plus, debris and landfill waste were at a minimum.


Trust Western Colloid for your commercial roof in California

We’re proud to have had hundreds of satisfied customers across the country over the last four decades. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your commercial roof in California and beyond!