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What is FARR? Leak-free commercial roofing

What is FARR? It stands for Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofing, and it’s one of the best leak-free commercial roofing products out there!


Seamless, tough, flexible

Western Colloid’s FARR systems are lightweight yet tough. Thanks to layers of waterproof asphalt emulsion and tough polyester fabric they can be surfaced with a very durable acrylic coating. We also offer systems made of high performance acrylic coatings with tough polyester fabrics. Once installed, the seamless system is tough, flexible, and resistant to all that nature can throw at it.


Tested to meet building requirements

We use many different labs to make sure our FARR system meets the toughest building requirements. In fact, we trust Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.), FM Global and other independent testing labs to continually test our systems and products.


Superior quality

Our FARR systems result in a seamless finish. This helps make future inspections and maintenance easy. What’s more, because these roofs can be resurfaced their life is extended for decades to come. They’re ready for installation on either existing roofs and new roofs including BUR, Modified Bitumen, Single Ply, Metal Roofing, Sprayed Polyurethane Foam and Gravel.

This provides a number of benefits. These systems cut down upkeep costs, energy costs, and equipment costs from day one. Additionally, they extend or eliminate the need to re-roof or deal with major repairs. They are also applied over existing roofs with very little hassle. The system will not affect employee/tenant productivity due to fumes. It can be shipped in bulk to the job site via our large fleet of tankers. Finally, our water-based systems mean every part of the installation process is non-toxic and harmless to the environment, leaving no toxic fumes or fire hazard.


Highly rated

Experience and performance are behind everything we do. Additionally, many of our FARR systems have received UL Class A ratings. These ratings mean that the Class A roofs have the greatest fire resistance. What’s more, many of our systems have gotten FM 4470 Class 1 approval. In order to achieve this rating, the system has to pass testing for fire, hail damage, water, and foot traffic.


The leader in leak-free commercial roofing

Whether your project is restoring an existing roof or adding a reflective coating, the right roofing solution is a Western Colloid FARR System! Contact us today for more information. To learn more about how this special kind of leak-free commercial roofing is installed, view our step-by-step guide.