We have quite a collection of Iconic projects in our library. The beautiful thing about Western Colloid products is its Versatility and Adaptability.  This allows us to provide good quality product over a variety of substrates, with uncommon elevations, along with allowing the contractor to adapt to the many installation challenges.

We have been trusted with some sacred places like Temple Beth El, S. Cyrils Church, Mount Sinai, Grace United Methodist Church, all the way to the much-loved Cornerstone Baptist Church.

We can count some notable buildings like the Former Staples Center, Oakland Airport, and Frito-Lay Corporate headquarters, that we can brag about.

We are almost famous with Warner Bros and Fox Studios among the many studio roofs we helped restore.

We’ve even helped protect some historical buildings like the Watson, TYX Trail, or Crumley residences.

We’ve been trusted over food makers like the Mission Tortilla and Smuckers factories.

Our favorite projects could be the downright crazy buildings like the LV Neon Museum, Royal White Cement or Le Maistre projects.

We have help restore roofs over hundreds of Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, and a few Law Enforcement facilities. Who knows how many famous residences or wild roof designs that we don’t have records of.

It goes with out saying just how much we appreciate being entrusted with these special buildings.  We value the relationships we have developed with the contractors and owners along the way.

Give us a call with your next project – every roof is special to us!