PROJECT PROFILE – Southwest Research Institute

Southwest Research Institute, SWRI Building B87 Here is the story of the building roof that had it all and the happy ending it deserved! This particular gravel roof is on one of hundreds of structures at a 1200-acre research facility.  It had all the familiar challenges but amplified.  The ponding water was deeper, the gravel […]

PROJECT PROFILE – Youth Detention Center

  Original roof assembly: Multiple systems; BUR Cap Sheet, EPDM & Modified Bitumen. A great story about weather, high altitude, multiple substrates, and the perfect problem solving solution. Project Challenges This New Mexico project had multiple roof elevations with leaking roofs that had little roof life remaining. With time constraints, the project was started in […]

PROJECT PROFILE – Pacific Design Center

Something about Rocks and Glass Houses and a Worn Out Roof. Project Challenges – With the all-glass construction of the Pacific Design Center combined with lack of access, not to mention the additional cost and danger of tearing off a coal tar pitch substrate, this job needed all the experts. With all the gravel roofs […]

PROJECT PROFILE – 600 W. Broadway, San Diego

This is such a special project in so many ways.  First, of all it’s a roof at street level.  Second, it looks so interesting. What do you do with a roof that downtown San Diego Street traffic sees?  You do your best to make it aesthetically pleasing.  This 6000 square foot roof is on the […]

Reno-Sparks Convention Center

PROJECT PROFILE – Reno Sparks Convention Center

Roof Consultant:  Benchmark Roof and Pavement Consultants Contractor:  D&D Roofing and Sheet Metal Sparks, Nevada  Job location:  Reno, Nevada Original roof assembly:  TPO Duration: 4 weeks Products Used: Western Colloid #298, #720, #800, Polyester Fabric. Specification SM-2p XE Objective – Provide the convention center with a cool, sustainable, watertight, FM approved roof. The Reno-Sparks Convention […]

restore the roofs at warner brothers

PROJECT PROFILE – Warner Brothers Studios

Western Colloid is “Almost Famous” from supplying roof products to this working studio. Western Colloid has been working with Best Contracting from Los Angeles, California for the past few years as we restore the roofs on Warner Brothers working soundstages.  At any time, each building, has a TV show or movie being filmed so the […]


We have quite a collection of Iconic projects in our library. The beautiful thing about Western Colloid products is its Versatility and Adaptability.  This allows us to provide good quality product over a variety of substrates, with uncommon elevations, along with allowing the contractor to adapt to the many installation challenges. We have been trusted […]

Western Colloid Hi-Rises


The thrill, the danger, the view! Re-roofing a high rise takes a particular set of skills. Getting the contractors their roofing products takes another. Whether it’s the painstaking work of bucket by bucket up a freight elevator or coordinating with a crane in the middle of the night Western Colloid, with their 50-year history, has […]

PROJECT PROFILE – Vista Village Shopping Center

This project is a terrific example of adaptability.  This area known as Vista Village is home to shops, restaurants, and businesses and it consists of many buildings, each with different roof substrates.  It is also open 365 days a year so roofing and shopping had to happen simultaneously. Although the work was scheduled for 3 […]

Aluminum clad modified

Project Profile – Southeast Regional Library Gilbert, Arizona

Original roof assembly: Aluminum Clad Modified SBS Roof System  Duration: 3 weeks This Arizona library had an uncommon dilemma with its new roof project, an uncommon roof substrate. It had an aluminum clad modified SBS membrane that had past its prime. The contractor, Star Roofing’s, objective was to install a roof system that did not […]

PROJECT PROFILE – Denver High Rise

This 10-story building, originally built in 1962, was being transformed to artist lofts, apartments, and roof top lounge. With its multiple substrates, multiple roof elevations, and multiple change orders, this job was a real challenge and a complete work in process, literally. It was necessary to create different roof system specifications for different areas of […]

custom color

PROJECT PROFILE – Cornerstone Baptist Church

This Texas church had a big problem.  It had a failing metal roof with a custom color, an insurance claim with time constraints, and it was in the middle of covid. The costly process of replacing the panels was not possible due to the covid supply chain issues.  But the most important challenge to overcome […]

PROJECT PROFILE – Cypress Office Building

Original Substrate: BUR with Gravel As time marches on for our 50-year-old company, Western Colloid is now involved in roof ‘reconditioning’ projects more and more.  A great example is our featured project below. In 2009 Bligh Pacific Roofing in Southern California was tasked with reroofing a gravel roof on a 2-story office building. There was […]

PROJECT PROFILE – Phillips Building

Original Substrate – Two layers BUR Every once in a while, you want to feature a project just because it’s so pretty.  We are assuming that by reading this project profile that you are a roofing professional that wants to be inspired by challenges and solutions.  Sometimes it’s nice just to celebrate good work for […]


Original roof assembly: BUR Cap sheet, SPF with unknown coating. Project Challenges This historic building was originally built in the 1920s with multiple additions to it throughout the years, each with different elevations and roof compositions.  There was as much as 30 foot difference in height with old brick wall construction in between the flat, […]

PROJECT PROFILE – Crumley Residence

PROJECT PROFILE The Crumley Residence was built in the mid-century modern style in 1951.  It was designed by the prestigious Corpus Christi architectural firm Wisznia. The design of the home is so unique it’s treated as an iconic and historic home for the area. The roof area is over 100 squares on a single-story residence. […]

PROJECT PROFILE – Alhambra Police Department

Original Assembly: Rock/Gravel Roof over BUR This Southern California Police station came with its own set of challenges. This project was a Western Colloid specified roof using our GR-2P-24-XE Specification, but the most challenging aspect was the bidding process in the middle of the covid restrictions.  Our Training and Technical Consultant, Tim Ford, conducted the […]

PROJECT PROFILE – Mission Tortilla

When the warranty was about to expire on this 10-year-old Western Colloid roof restoration the next steps were clear, let’s give it another 10 years.  In fact, the roof was able to quality for an additional 15-year warranty.  Why?  This building owner did everything right in performing regular roof maintenance and planning for this expenditure. […]

fully restored watertight cool roof-7

PROJECT PROFILE – Citrus College Hospital

Original roof assembly: Built-Up Roofing Duration of job:  6 Weeks Project Challenges Bob, the Facility Manager at Citrus College Hospital, needed a clean and unobtrusive roof option that would meet the warranty needs of the organization but not disrupt the daily operations of the hospital or disturb the patients.  He reached out to Sam Dennis, […]

Showing the coating being removed

Medina Avenue Warehouse Metal Roof

Job Location:  Tucson, Arizona Original Roof Assembly:  Metal Roof Deck Duration:  60 Days Products Used:  #720 ElastaHyde Acrylic Elastomeric Reflective Coating, #800 Elastic Cement Project Challenges: This Tucson Warehouse had a one year old roof that was failing. The roof was a reinforced acrylic coating over a metal roof. The application was poor but, more […]

Totes being delivered

High Rise Office Building – Irvine, California

Duration:  5 Weeks   CHALLENGES Every aspect of this project was challenging except the choice of Western Colloid’s FARR System. The first challenge was deciding on the best course of action to get the materials on the roof.  Generally for a single to three-story building pumping the coatings on the roof is ideal. On taller […]

Grace United Methodist Church, Salem llinois

Grace United Methodist Church, Salem llinois

Contractor:  Jewett Roofing of Greenville, Illinois Original Roof Assembly:  BUR Size:  300 Square Feet Project Challenges: When it came time to re-roof this historic church bell tower and steeple there were many obstacles to overcome. The 5 main challenges were: Working with such a small area Roofing an area that was nearly impossible to flash […]

Staples Center

Staples Center – Color and Roof Restoration

The Staples Center was originally built in 1999 with a single ply membrane. Based on the height and locations of a large freeway interchange the roof of the arena is visible to millions of travelers a year. The roof of the Staples Center has become an important part of its’ signage and has created a […]

Re-roofing Solar Panels

California Department Store Solar Retrofit

Western Colloid provided the roofing system for eighteen department stores. Each building had over 50% of the roof area covered with a new solar system on them but the majority of the buildings’ substrate was old worn TPO with a few EPDM roofs.  Another challenge was some buildings were in areas with dew and water […]

Completed project with solar installation

Temple Beth El

Roofing Contractor: Commercial Roof Management Solar Contractor: RA Power and Light Objective: The goal was to install a roof system that can handle the installation and maintenance traffic of a solar system installed on top of it.  The roof system used needs to last the term life of the solar system installed. Challenges: The obvious […]

Frito Lay Corporate Headquarters

Frito-Lay Corporate Headquarters

Original roof assembly: concrete deck, 2-1/2 inches rigid insulation, coal-tar and gravel, and BUR and gravel roof assemblies. Existing roof assembly approximately 32 years in age. Experiencing base flashing problems and splitting of the field membrane causing water infiltration into the corporate headquarters building which houses 3,800 employees. Originally, Frito-Lay wanted to completely remove the […]

Pacific Dental Service Building

Pacific Dental Service Building

Pacific Dental Services Building Contractor: Commercial Roof Management Job location: Irvine, California Original roof assembly: EPDM, age unknown. The roof surface was pin holing throughout and had over 100 roof leaks in 124,000 square feet, (1,240 squares). Selection of Western Colloid: Originally the building owners thought that their only option was to tear off the […]

TPO Roofs for Boeing


Over 1 million sq. ft. roof receives Western Colloid’s “Cool Roof” system. The unique bulk delivery service and the systems application efficiency made this roof a natural for Western Colloid’s “Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofing” system.

Western Colloid’s ‘Cool Roof’ System on Ikea


Ikea installs Western Colloid’s “Cool Roof” system to protect it’s contents and save on energy bills.

Dionex - Northern California


Broadcast Luxury Apartments

An existing gravel roof was recovered with a Western Colloid “Cool Roof” system.

Hanover - Northern California


The extensive amount of equipment on this project made Western Colloid a practical solution for this re-roof.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin

  A 100,000 sq/ft job for one of the top aerospace firms in the world. One of dozens of buildings at Lockheed using Western Colloid systems.

Working With Tenants During Roof Tear-Offs

Western Colloid Customers Through The Years

The Irvine Company CB Richard Ellis Watson Land Company Arden Realty Prologis Wells Fargo Bank City National Bank Bank Of America Cox Communications Seagate Manufacturing Facility Vons Markets Ralph’s Markets / Food For Less Paramount Studios Home Depot Vista Paints Fleishmann Planetarium Westfield Shopping Centers Randall Farms Trammell Crow Properties The State of Hawaii County […]